Ionic Compounds: Composition and Bonding, Structure and Crystal Symmetry (textbook)

This highly readable introduction to ionic compounds is designed for the reader who wants to gain a better understanding of the concepts that are used by the chemist and mineralogist in their attempts to unravel the mysteries of nature. One of the author's major objectives is to provide an introduction to the relationships between the external symmetry of crystals and structure at the atomic level. He has made considerable use of the closest packing model and from it, to develop symmetry and the unit cell. This is followed by a discussion of the factors that affect the symmetry of the unit cell. The basic premise of the format of the booklet is that learning is enhanced by the reader's active participation in the material. The author has made considerable use of the excellent computer program CrystalMaker3 for illustrations throughout the booklet. Published by the author, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, 1999.

The book may be purchased from or from the Mineralogical Research Co.

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