Nomenclature of Acids and Ions

Hg+ Mercurous ion
HI Hydroiodic acid
Mn2+ Manganese ion
HCN Hydrocyanic acid
Cl- Chloride ion
ClO3- Chlorate ion
H2SO4 Sulfuric acid
Cd2+ Cadmium ion
H2PO4- Mercurous ion
HS- Hydrogen sulfide ion
HMnO4 Permanganic acid
HC2O4- Hydrogen oxalate ion
CO3+ Cobaltic ion
Zn2+ Zinc ion
SO42- Sulfate ion
HClO3 Chloric acid
H- Hydride ion
S2- Sulfide ion
HClO Hypochlorous acid
Au+ Aurous ion
HCl Hydrochloric acid
H2SO3 Sulfurous acid
H2S Hydrosulfuric acid
Ni2+ Nickel ion
Ag+ Silver ion
Hg2+ Mercuric ion
F- Fluoride ion
Co2+ Cobaltous ion
Fe3+ Ferric ion
ClO2- Chlorite ion
H2CO3 Carbonic acid
I- Iodide ion
HSO4- Hydrogen sulfate ion